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April 2014
Sleeping Dogs
by Mark O'Sullivan
April 2014
by Niamh O'Connor
April 2014
by Ken Bruen
March 2014
Crocodile Tears
by Mark O'Sullivan
March 2014
The Convictions of John Delahunt
by Andrew Hughes
February 2014
The Rose Garden
by Marita Conlon-McKenna
January 2014
The Thing About December
by Donal Ryan

The Boy at the Gate
September 2012
Trade Paperback

The Boy at the Gate
by Danny Ellis

Danny Ellis was a survivor, strong and resilient. A successful singer/songwriter, he was proud of the way he’d ‘handled’ his painful past: the grinding poverty of the 1950s Dublin slums, and the brutality of the orphanage, the notorious Artane Industrial School where he was left. He’d safely buried it. Or so he thought.Then one night, while writing a powerful song that would launch his acclaimed album, 800 Voices, his past came flooding back to haunt him. Long-forgotten memories of betrayal and abandonment burst forth in a shocking revelation: his eight-year-old self was still lost in the orphanage.Although badly shaken, Danny began a courageous journey that would lead him back to the streets of Dublin, to the tenement slums and, eventually, to the brutality and scallywag shenanigans of the Artane playground. What he found with each twist and turn of his odyssey would change his life for ever.The Boy at the Gate is a poignant, profoundly moving memoir of forgiveness and redemption, and an inspiring testament to the healing power of music and love.


A beautifully written, heartbreaking story of betrayal, abandonment and the healing power of friendship and music. This will rip your heart out, but ultimately, will hand it back to you whole, and you'll be inspired by the ride. What Danny endured is wrenching and horrifying, but his style and rhythm are so beautiful and starkly honest - and the voice of the child within him so innocent and mischievous - that courage and strength win the day. This is an incredibly brave book: shocking, and sometimes, despite everything, shockingly hilarious. It's the journey of one man's struggle to connect with the child he once was. As it turns out, the road out is also the road back. I love this book!
 (Sara Gruen author of Water for Elephants)

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